Wall art or decals can improve the look and décor of any surface or living space. They can be applied to almost anything including your car, wall, laptop glass or mirrors. Islamic wall art in particular can create a sense of reflection for anyone who looks upon. They are available in forms of writing or calligraphy, the symbol for the Prophet Muhammad, images of holy places such as Mecca, prayer rugs and the numerous others. Islamic stickers can be placed anywhere in your home to convey a special blessing or to bring peace and good fortune. They are ideal for your child’s bedroom or above your own bed, in the living room as the main piece of art work or even in your kitchen.


When you buy Islamic art Dubai there are several different options to select. Customers can choose the main colour or shading of the wall design as well as the background colour. Therefore, you may choose a colour that blends with and matches the colour of the wall or other surface on which it will be placed. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available so that you may select something to cover one large wall of a room or art small enough to act as the skin of your laptop computer. Islamic decals are made of resistant vinyl materials which are easily applied to most surfaces and can be just as readily removed without causing any damage to the surface on which they were placed.