Cause marketing has been a new marketing trend nowadays. It is a positive effort taken by the business to promote their business with the well being of the needy people. It is basically a cooperative effort in which a business involves a non-profit organization to gain mutual benefits. Few ways of cause marketing are:


  • Giving a percent of sales to a charitable institution
  • Sponsorship of co-branded product
  • By sponsoring a fundraising event

By adopting cause marketing strategy, the companies get a positive image. At the same time, the customers get the satisfaction that they are a part of some noble cause. is also one of the companies offering one percent of their sales to their charitable organizations. Walliv is a profound name in the world of wall art provider. You can get the unique and exceptional wall decals from them on a very reasonable rate. Since their beginning the company is working in hands to hands with different charitable institutions by funding them with one percent of their sales.


Presently Walliv is supporting three charitable organizations, Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC), Pink Caravan and Emirates Cancer Foundation. Whenever you buy a wall art sticker or any other product from Walliv, they straightly send the fixed percentage to any one of the institution. You can even referred to your friends and family with the help of their referral program to boast their sales and make them the part of the righteous cause.