Applying wall art is rather simple and can be completed with three materials, in a few clear steps. Gather your materials first. You will need a cutter or a pair of scissors, masking tape and a squeegee which is included when you buy any wall art product. Clean the wall or surface to which the sticker will be applied thoroughly with a damp cloth. After all possible dirt and loose particles are removed, dry the area completely.


Unpack your wall sticker, making sure that the instructions are handy then unroll the decal on flat firm surface. Run the squeegee over both the front and back of the sticker to remove any bubbles or creases. Attach the decal to the desired surface using the masking tape. Make sure that the decorated side is facing you and that it is right side up. Now you can begin to carefully and slowly peel the transfer tape off the base paper. Once you have reached the centre of the wall art, pause and cut away the revealed base paper. Lower the transfer tape to the wall and then squeegee from the centre out towards the edge of the tape. Use smooth motions radiating from the centre outwards in one main direction. Once you have created a wrinkle free effect, repeat the process for the other side.

For the final step, start at one corner of the sticker and peel the transfer tape away slowly. You have now successfully applied your wall art!