Do you still use sticky notes to write the daily chores or some important note and paste them on the refrigerator? Well this is the time to get rid of them and instead of them use chalkboard wall stickers. The chalkboard stickers are not only meant for kids to use them for writing, even they can be used in kitchen or some other places to write on the important notes. These handy chalkboard wall stickers could play their vital part and become a valuable addition to the kitchen and other places of the house where you need to put the reminders or write down the lists or notes.

The chalkboard stickers are a good medium for people to leave messages right on the wall for your beloveds or you can use them for writing warnings or precautions for your children. Instead of old fashioned square or rectangular shape these chalkboard wall stickers are available in variety of designs, sizes and shapes. Funky shapes can attract the attention of the viewer and he/she will unintentionally read the message. These are the great way of communication. You can paste them near your entrance to convey the message to the people to clean their shoes with the rug.

The material used in the preparation of chalkboard wall stickers and such decals is Vinyl, which is durable and adjustable. You can easily take them off, re arrange or reposition them anywhere in your house. The vinyl sheet long lasts for years without getting faded or peeled off. So, you can change its position time to time to display your message.