islamic wall art


There’s no reason why you can’t have gorgeous and top of the line Islamic wall art for your home at affordable prices.  Walliv Islamic wall art, Islamic stickers, and Islamic decals are designed by world-renowned artists and calligraphers.  We have everything that you could want in great Islamic art.


Here’s what you’ll get with Walliv’s Islamic Wall Art:


  • World-class Islamic stickers and decals;
  • Work created by world-renowned Islamic artists and calligraphers;
  • Pictures made of super-lean, adhesive, and lusterless materials;
  • Easy mounting on all of your wall spaces.


All of the Islamic wall art you choose, whether it’s Islamic stickers or Islamic decals, will seem just like they’re painted right on your walls.  There’s a large range of designs to choose from and all of them are simple and affordable ways to give your special spaces that Islamic uplift they need.


There are many reasons to choose Islamic wall art for your home’s interior, including:


  • The interior of your home will be visually enhanced with the mesmerizing effects that Islamic wall art, stickers, and decals bring to your empty spaces;
  • Islamic Art is a great design that shows friends and family what’s important in your life and where your values arise from;
  • You can take pride in your heritage and religion with these great designs that really showcase one of the beautiful cultures of the world;
  • The artists take care with their work and their attention to detail is exacting.  The freshness of the pictures is astounding, and made from materials that will last.


There are many different types of Islamic wall art designs for you to choose from, including:


  • Crescents using Islamic calligraphy;
  • Surat Attakathur wall stickers;
  • Holy Hamsa wall stickers;
  • The All Knowing wall stickers;
  • Maa Shaa Allah wall stickers;
  • Islamic Lantern wall stickers;
  • Prayer Rugs Sijada wall stickers;
  • Masjid Wall wall stickers;
  • Ayat Al-Kursi wall stickers;


And many more!


So what are you waiting for?  Spruce up your home with incredible Islamic wall art today!