You recently toured a city which you fell in love with and now you miss it so much. Set it on your wall and keep your reminiscences active. Is it your vision to go to a particular city in the future? Let our skyline Stickers assist you concentrate on it. If we do not include a skyline wall sticker of your preferred place, request for a specially made wall sticker.


New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabiat all times have the most excellent view with our skyline decals. Symbolize your native land, your preferred city, or your preferred holiday destination with skyline wall decals and stickers. Already have the finest view in town? City skyline decals could as well make fine-looking backgrounds for your book cases, headboards, or framing windows. Choose a backdrop from our city wall decals, as interesting as Tokyo, quixotic as Paris, or adventurous like Sydney to brighten up your walls. Homesick for Humburg, Barcelona, or Dubai, keep your preferred city at all times in sight and in mind with these city skyline Stickers.


All of our skyline wall stickers come in a detachable vinyl material; hence no harm is done to your house. You can as well decide to obtain the skyline decals in our vehicle vinyl, a stronger material that will attach to virtually any exterior and remain there!


In addition we make use of the best quality coatings from leading manufacturers. The wafer-thin, bendable soft vinyl layer fits like a second covering to your wall. For the dull film varnish, the image seems as if painted not fixed. 


Walliv adhesive skyline Stickers hold on roughly all smooth surfaces, glass, doors, tiles and furniture. They are as well appropriate for woodchip wallpaper and your restroom. For lifelong pleasure with your wall decal, we advise that you make sure that the surface on which you would like to fix your sticker has the following attributes:

  • Free of grease and dust
  • Smooth
  • Free of oil-based paints and silicone

If the exterior has been newly painted, we advise that you wait no less than four weeks for the coat to cure fully prior to you attaching your decal.


The smallest skyline decals measure about 9cm by 21cm and extra large decals even measure 1,22m by 15,35m. In case the shortest part measures above 1,44m, your decal will be printed on a number of pieces.