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Benefits of Being A Member

Walliv Members get exclusive access to a wide variety of beautiful wall art products that they can purchase and provide reviews for. You will also be able to refer your friends to our website and earn credits that can be used to purchase products from the walliv.

How It Works

Once you become a Walliv Member you will be able to earn credits when you refer your family or friends to our online store through the invitation link or by sharing through Twitter and Facebook. You will earn credits whenever your referred friends accept your invitation and make their first purchase. Use those credits to purchase products on

How to Apply

Applying for Membership is easy and quick. Simply click on our "Register" button. You can also join our website and sign in by using your Twitter or Facebook account with a single click.

Different Ways in Which You Can Refer Friends

There are various ways in which you can refer friends to Walliv to earn more credits. Click on the Invitation Link to send an exclusive invite to your friends. You can also use the Twitter, Facebook or Gmail share buttons to invite multiple friends on this website. If you have a specific group of friends you would like to invite you can invite them through the Twitter, Facebook and email options provided on the website.

The Rules

In order to earn credits on Walliv, you will need to invite friends and family members to become Walliv members. You will be able to earn credits once they accept your invitation as well as when they make their first purchase.

Redeeming Your Credits

The credits you earn on can be redeemed towards any purchases you make on the website. The "My Accounts" link will show you the details of your transaction history while the Used Credits button will show you the credits that you have used so far for making a purchase.

About Credits

You will be able to check the total credits you have earned, upcoming credit details as well as available credits on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join?

Joining Walliv is absolutely free. You don't need to pay anything to become a Walliv Member. We pay our members through credits for referrals to reward them for their loyalty.

Can anyone become a member?

Yes. Anyone can become a Walliv Member. You don't need to qualify.

Will I earn money by joining Walliv?

You wouldn't be earning money. However, you will earn credits in your account by referring people to our website. If they join and make a purchase, you will earn credits. These credits can then be used for purchasing items on Walliv.

When do I get credits?

Credits are instantly updated in your account as soon as someone you refer to our website makes their first purchase. You will be able to see it in the "Available Credits" section in your account.

Is there a limit on the credits I can earn?

No. There is no limit on the maximum amount of credits you can earn.

Will I need to make a purchase before I can start inviting people?

No. You can start sending out invites to your friends as soon as you become a member. You do not have to make a purchase first.

How to earn credits with Walliv?

Earning credits with Walliv is very easy. All you need to do is to invite as many people to become Walliv members as you can. The more people you invite, the more potential you will have to earn credits. You will earn credits each time one of your referred people accepts your invitation as well as makes their first purchase.


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