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How to Apply Your Wall Sticker / Decal for Wall Decor

To begin you will need the following:

Your Wall Sticker Art Decal

Your Wall Sticker Art Decal will arrive with you made up of 3 different components. To help you with the application of your Wall Sticker Art Decal , there is a diagram to highlight which layer is which. The three components are as follows:

Step 1 > Prepare

You need a clean-dry surface. Use a damp cloth to clean your wall of dust and dirt. 


Unroll your Wall Sticker Art Decal and lay it flat on a hard surface. Use the squeegee to flatten any rolls or wrinkles. Flip it over and repeat the process.

Step 2: Position & Ponder

Use painters tape to position the Wall Sticker Art Decal on your wall and preview the arrangement. Take a moment, scratch your head, and ponder your arrangement.

Step 3: The Transfer

Starting on either side, SLOWLY peel the transfer tape away from the base paper making sure that ALL of the vinyl comes up. If the vinyl is stubborn then take your time, lay the transfer tape back over the stubborn vinyl, mash it with your fingers and work it until it lifts in submission.


Peel until you reach the center and then cut away exposed base paper.


Now lay the graphic near (not on) the wall and start squeegee from the center outwards. Using a smooth fanning motion, let the squeegee smear the decal onto the wall. It’s kinda like ironing where you push the slash and wrinkle from the middle outwards. Repeat the process for the other side. Remember, no kicking and/or screaming..

Step 4 > Peel & Party

Almost finished but it is NOT “all down hill from here.” The peel should be done slowly and with attention. Start at a corner and start peeling the transfer tape away SLOWLY. You’ll want to peel the paper directly back onto itself. Use your other hand to hold down any vinyl that may want to lift up. If the vinyl lifts up, then back up and restick it with the squeegee or a good-ole thumb mash. You can also rub a damp sponge on the back to moisten and help release the adhesive.


Now kiss, hug and host a party for your new Wall Sticker Art Decal.


Please remember, as with most art, patience is your friend. Make sure you read and understand these instructions before proceeding. If you’re confused please don’t hesitate to Bug Us the Old Fashioned Ways for Immediate Assistance:

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Friday we will ensure to respond within 24 hours.



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